...  You're Engaged!  Congratulations!  Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life and choosing a dress is first on the list after you say YES!  IDoTheDressIDo is a bridal salon that knows most brides today have a budget for their wedding day but would still love a beautiful designer dream dress.  We offer NEW, never worn in a wedding, designer wedding dresses for even the slimmest of budgets.  Style on a Budget!  You do NOT have to break the bank to have an amazing dress for your BIG day!   Wedding Dress San Antonio




IDoTheDressIDo began with a vision that every bride should have the dress she has always dreamed about and NOT have to break the bank to get it.  Planning a wedding is FUN and we are glad we can help make your dream come true. 

Style on a Budget! 
You ARE beautiful and this is YOUR day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since this bridal salon is SO different from every other bridal salon you might have encountered we get a lot of questions from, well just about everyone!  So here is a list of the most popular questions and information that you will find helpful...

1.   Where do you get your dresses from?
We get dresses from EVERYWHERE!  Brokers, vendors etc...  We also frequently buy inventory from stores that are going out of business.  We consign dresses and get phone calls all the time about stock available from every imaginable source.  This website has about 500 pictures of dresses but we carry about 600 dresses at any time with new stock coming in almost everyday!  Gowns come in and go out so fast sometimes we do not get them on the site!

2.   How long have you been doing this?
We have been selling wedding dresses for many many  years .  We started in California in 2005 when the owner got engaged to her husband.  She, just like you , was a newly engaged bride to be and quickly realized how expensive wedding gowns can be!  She took her wedding dress fund and bought 100 dresses from a vendor she still buys from today. 

3.   Why are your dresses so cheap?
We like to say affordable, but get the idea!  We have a knack for finding and procuring amazing dresses is one part, and then we strive keep overhead low low low so we can pass the savings to our brides.  Most of the dresses are under $599.00.  We do have a premium line, and that will include any dress not under the $599.00 cap, and these dresses are STILL listed way under the regular retail prices!

4.  Do you buy dresses?
We do not buy dresses from individuals.  We do consign them though, see the next paragraph!

5.  What is consignment?
Consignment is a contract between IDoTheDressIDo and the bride to sell her dress.  It is an 8 month contract and a 50/50 split.  Dresses are required to be under 5 years old and must be in good condition.  They do not need to be cleaned as we will clean it for you with a fee, but the dress can not be torn or "overworn"!  We DO NOT consign formals, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses or any other non-bridal attire.  We will only consign accessories if we take the dress too.


Please EMAIL information about your dress to us:
We will need:  designer name, style number, age of dress, condition,
and pictures if you have some.
Please email information and pictures about your dress is to:   idothedressido@gmail.com.  
Someone will get back to you if it is a dress we will take. 

6.  Can I bring my family, friends, fiancés and anyone else with me to help me choose?
Of course you can bring people with you, it's a special time and we realize brides want people to share in the joy of the moment.  Keep in mind that the more people you bring the more "opinions" you will get.  Keep it simple, bring close people and try to keep your party down to a minimum.  We require you only bring 4 or less people with you.  This is not the best environment for children.  Please arrange for someone to watch your children so you may enjoy your appointment distraction free.  Strollers are not welcome in the shop at any time.  Please have the "decision maker" in your group for your appointment.  That means if you need your mother, mother in law, best friend or bridesmaid to help make your wedding dress decision, make sure they are with you when you come in for your appointment.  We can not stress this enough, the dress you love today will NOT be here when  you come back.   If the person you need with you is not available and you are just trying on styles please wait to make an appointment with us until they are with you and you can both come in.  

7.  What should I wear to my appointment?
PLEASE wear underwear!  We will not let you try on gowns without them!!!  You do not need a strapless bra when trying dresses on but if you have one by all means bring it.  You can wear your regular bra, since you haven't chosen a dress yet it's difficult to know what kind of undergarments to buy.  Spanx is ok, but not always necessary.  Most dresses have a full "cage" built in so Spanx is a personal choice.  We do not allow shoes with the dresses, please do not bring them to your appointment.

8.  How long are your appointments!
We allow 1.5 to 2 hours for each appointment.  Some take longer and some are over quicker.  We will book the time just for YOU!  So, please please please make every effort to show up!  If you can not make your appointment, sometimes that happens, please call and let us know as soon as you know you can't make it. 
When a bride does not show up for her appointment or is late she is taking time away from other brides.
PLEASE be courteous as "NO SHOWS" waste everyone's time!
When you book your appointment we will be there to meet you.  If you do not show up or call to cancel , you will not be rescheduled.  Please be on time, I understand sometimes we can get behind in our schedules, we are ALL busy, please call me as soon as you know you will be late or cannot make it to your appointment.

9.  Do I need an appointment to come take a look around?
Appointments will take priority and are required for Saturdays.  If you want to just look around or need to purchase accessories on a Saturday, please call before you stop by as our Saturday hours change weekly.  If you are just looking for a veil, petticoat or other accessories you can also drop in during walk in hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12 to 6 pm and Friday from 12 to 5:30.  Saturday appointments are limited to you and 4 extra people. If you have a large group we will schedule you on a weekday.  Also, if your budget is $300 or less please only schedule your appointment during the weekdays.
We are CLOSED on Tuesday and Sunday. 

10.  How many dresses do you have to choose from and what styles, sizes and designers do you carry and do you order dresses?
At any given time we have about 500 to 600 dresses in stock!  We also have a huge selection of veils, 2 full cases of crystal tiaras, headbands, brooches, hairpieces, bridal belts and sashes and gloves, etc.  We have 5 hoop and 3 hoop petticoats and a serious collection of A Line petticoats!  

We carry all designers, just about every shape of dress and sizes are
from 0 - 34 sometimes smaller and sometimes larger!  

11.  What are the terms and conditions of your shop?
All dresses are all off the rack,  All items are final sale and all items are AS IS!  We do have seamstresses we work with and all alterations are an extra cost.  Check out the "Preferred Vendors" page for terms and conditions about them.   ALL bridal salons are "all sales final" , it's the nature of the business and we no different.  We DO offer layaway.  The layaway is ONLY for dresses starting at $200.00 and up, all accessories, flower girl dresses etc are full payment at time of purchase.  Layaway on dresses is half down and the remainder balance due two weeks from the first payment.  We do charge  a $25.00 late fees for each missed payment and all Layaway payments and deposits are non-refundable.  If any payment due is missed a late fee is added.  If there is no contact or payment made, you forfeit the dress and all prior payments and the dress will be placed back on the floor to be sold, no refund will be given.  We take all credit or debit cards and cash.  We will hold a dress for 48 hours with a $100 hold fee, the fee is NON-Refundable and NON-Exchangeable.  The $100 hold fee will not be refunded if you change your mind on the dress, no matter the amount of time.  It is only to take the dress off the floor so no one else is able to buy it.  If you decide to buy the dress the $100 fee is applied to the dress.  Dresses go fast in this shop, the prices can't be beat and the dresses come in and go out quickly.  We understand if a bride needs to think about it but keep in mind that it could be sold at any time and once it's gone we usually can not get another one. 

Tips for making your appointment

1.  Only the BRIDE can call to make her appointment.  We ask several questions and only the bride will know all the answers.

2.  We only take appointments over the phone, all other avenues will NOT book your appointment.   

The 210-592-6433 is the main number.

3.  Be READY, WILLING and ABLE to purchase a dress at your appointment.  Please have the decision makers with you at your appointment, in other words if you need your mother or best friend or whomever with you to make a decision make sure they come to your appointment.  Do not make an appointment if they can't be with you, wait until you are all together.  Please do your due diligence and research before you come to see us.  We will find you a dress you LOVE and at a price you will LOVE, but we will not hold it without a fee and may not be there when you decide to come back.  Every dress is up for sale and they go fast, please keep that in mind.  Again we only take appointments so when you come in and we book time for just you, if you are not ready you take time away from other brides.    If your wedding is too far off in the future you need to wait to book with us when you are ready to purchase a dress.  Also, if you do not have the funds to buy a dress at this time, we will work with you on layaway payments etc but if you have no way of buying a dress now please wait until you are ready.  We have a limited amount of appointments available each week and we will book them, please do not take time away from other brides. 

We do not SHOW wedding dresses, We SELL wedding dresses! 

Our job is to listen to you, REALLY LISTEN, put you in a dress that matches your criteria and at a price you can afford, we do it everyday and we will do it for YOU!

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